Reordering the booking steps

Reordering the booking steps

This guide explains how to customize and reorder the booking steps in Selebrands Booking Panel. By hiding unnecessary steps, adjusting the order, and utilizing the system’s adaptability, businesses can streamline their appointment scheduling process to better suit their specific needs. This customization allows for greater efficiency and a tailored experience for both the business and the customers.

1. Selebrands Booking Panel typically comprises 7 steps to complete an appointment booking. However, the flexibility of the system allows for customization based on specific business needs.

Customizing the Booking Process:

  1. Hiding Unnecessary Steps:

    • If certain steps are not relevant to your business (e.g., if you have only one location or staff member), you can opt to hide these steps from the booking form.
  2. Reordering Steps:

    • Adjust the order of the booking steps to better suit your business model.
    • Reorder by clicking and dragging the move icon associated with each step, moving them up or down as needed.

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Tip: System Adaptability:

  • The system dynamically adapts to changes in step order:
    • Staff and Service Relationship: If the staff step is placed before the service step, selecting a staff member will filter the services to show only those offered by that staff member. Conversely, selecting a service first will only display staff members who provide that service.
    • Date and Time Dependency: When a date is selected, the system will display only the staff or services available on that date.

Mandatory and Optional Steps:

  • Certain steps, like the date, time, and customer information, are mandatory and cannot be turned off.
  • Other steps can be disabled if they are not applicable to your booking process.

2. By customizing and reordering the steps in the booking panel, Selebrands Booking allows you to streamline the appointment scheduling process, making it more efficient and tailored to the unique aspects of your business.

Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success