WhatsApp Notifications

WhatsApp Notifications

This guide explains how to use WhatsApp notifications with Selebrands Booking to enhance communication with customers. It covers various types of notifications, such as new appointments, reschedules, cancellations, reminders, feedback requests, and new customer notifications. The guide also provides links to detailed instructions on configuring workflows and setting up reminders. It emphasizes the importance of complying with WhatsApp’s template policy and offers support from the team for assistance.

1. Selebrands Booking offers a WhatsApp Notifications system, allowing instant notifications to be sent to customers. These notifications can inform customers about appointment dates and times, enhancing communication and service quality.

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Tip: Depending on your business model, such as having multiple staff members at different locations, WhatsApp notifications can be tailored to both customers and staff members.

2. Types of WhatsApp Notifications:

  1. New Appointment Notifications:

    • Send automated messages when a new reservation is made, keeping you informed about all new bookings.
  2. Reschedule Notifications:

    • Notifications are sent to both your and the customer’s phone numbers when an appointment date is changed through the client or staff admin panels, ensuring everyone is updated on changes.
  3. Cancellation or Status Change Notifications:

    • Receive alerts when a client changes the status of an appointment or cancels it. Customizable notifications can be sent based on the previous and current status of the appointment.
  4. Pre-Appointment Reminders:

    • Set reminders to be sent to customers a specified time before their appointment begins, for instance, 1 hour prior.
  5. Post-Appointment Feedback Requests:

    • After an appointment, send notifications to gather feedback, enhancing service quality.
  6. New Customer Notifications:

    • Notify whenever a new customer is created, especially useful for first-time online bookings where a random password is generated and sent via WhatsApp.

Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success

Tip: For comprehensive information on configuring workflows for WhatsApp notifications and other types of notifications, refer to the following guides:

  1. Workflow Settings Guide

    • This guide provides detailed instructions on how to set up and customize workflows in Selebrands Booking. It covers aspects such as triggering events, assigning actions, and integrating notifications within these workflows.
  2. Setting up Reminders Guide

    • This guide focuses specifically on how to establish reminders within the booking system. It includes steps on configuring reminder notifications, timing settings, and applying these to various appointment scenarios.

Alert: Due to WhatsApp’s template policy, messages that do not comply with their guidelines will not be sent. To ensure your WhatsApp messages are set up correctly and adhere to these policies, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our support team is available 7 days a week to assist you with this process.