This guide is essential for anyone who wants to learn about the importance of invoices and how to create them using the Selebrands Booking feature. It explains the basics of invoices, why they are important for getting paid and establishing legal rights. The guide also provides step-by-step instructions on how to enable and create invoices, as well as how to attach them to notifications. Additionally, it offers links to other guides for further information on configuring workflow notifications and setting up reminders within the booking system.

1. Selebrands Booking offers a feature to generate invoices for your services, automating the process in a fast, efficient manner, and creating them in PDF format.

Tip: Importance of Invoices:

  • Invoice Basics: Invoices typically include the customer and seller’s name and contact information, a description of the services or items provided, individual item pricing, and the total amount due. They often feature a payment due date, an invoice number, and a specified payment method.
  • Getting Paid: Invoices are crucial for ensuring full and timely payments. They are often required by companies before releasing payments, with terms like payment upon receipt, within 30, or 60 days. Late fee policies can also be included to encourage prompt payments.
  • Establishing Legal Rights: Invoices serve as proof of delivered products and services and affirm a company’s right to payment. They can be used legally to demonstrate owed payment and fulfill contractual obligations.

2. Enabling and Creating Invoices:

  • Creating an Invoice: Simply click the ‘Add Invoice’ button to prepare a new invoice. Use keywords to display relevant data on the invoice. Download and preview PDF files for accuracy, or import your own HTML template for the invoice.

Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success


Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success

4. Adding Invoices to Notifications: Once invoices are created and saved, they can be attached to various notifications. In the Workflow module, edit the desired action and add your invoice as a URL or PATH. Under the Attachment(s) section in the notification template box, select the invoice to be attached and save the settings.

Multiple Invoice Attachments:

  • You can attach multiple invoices to notification actions, offering flexibility and customization for different billing scenarios.

Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success

Tip: For comprehensive information on configuring workflow notifications with invoices, refer to the following guides:

  1. Workflow Settings Guide

    • This guide provides detailed instructions on how to set up and customize workflows in Selebrands Booking. It covers aspects such as triggering events, assigning actions, and integrating notifications within these workflows.
  2. Setting up Reminders Guide

    • This guide focuses specifically on how to establish reminders within the booking system. It includes steps on configuring reminder notifications, timing settings, and applying these to various appointment scenarios.