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Partnering with Sparkade revolutionized our digital presence. The direct line to influencers through the platform allowed for seamless campaign execution that truly resonated with our audience. Sparkade isn’t just a service; it’s a game-changer for brand-influencer collaborations.
Emma R. Lifestyle Brand Owner
The dedicated Marketing Manager feature was a standout for us. Having an expert guide our strategy and oversee campaign management resulted in performance that far exceeded our expectations. Sparkade has set a new standard for what we expect from influencer marketing.
Alex T. Tech Startup Founder
Our brand’s story was shared with authenticity and creativity, thanks to the influencers we connected with via Sparkade. The platform’s ease of use and the team’s strategic support have made every campaign a success.
Sarah L. Fashion Retailer Marketing Director


The fast delivery service that wants to gain more awareness through content creators.

De Tulp

A restaurant and bar seeking to add being a lunch-focused establishment to its image through content creators.

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We guide them to confident choices.

Handpicked Influencer Excellence

Meticulously selected influencers based on in-depth analytics and authenticity, ensuring impactful and influential collaborations.

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Comprehensive campaign management from concept to execution, backed by expert insights.

Tailored Brand Alignment

Custom-crafted collaborations that perfectly resonate with your brand’s unique goals, audience, and market position.

Enhanced Brand Impact

Elevate your brand’s digital presence and credibility through strategic influencer partnerships, driving engagement and growth.

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Your campaign will be showcased on our platform, where influencers begin to apply. Your marketing manager will review applications to match you with the best influencers, ensuring your brand’s message is amplified by the right voices.

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