Custom Appointment Statuses

Custom Appointment Statuses

This guide explains how to customize appointment statuses in Selebrands Booking. By creating new statuses and configuring their settings, businesses can tailor their appointment management processes to align with their specific operational needs and client interactions. This flexibility enhances the system’s suitability for various business scenarios, addressing the limitations of the default statuses.

1. The Custom Status feature in Selebrands Booking enhances the flexibility of managing appointments by allowing the creation of various appointment statuses. This feature also provides the option to modify or completely remove the default appointment statuses.

2. Customizing Appointment Statuses:

  1. Creating New Statuses:

    • Click on the ➕ button to initiate the creation of a new appointment status.
    • Enter a title for the status and customize its appearance with different icons and colors.
  2. Configuring Status Settings:

    • Choose whether a particular status should mark the appointment slot as busy on the calendar. This can be done by checking the “Mark as busy slot” checkbox.

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Tip: Benefits for Different Business Types:

  • The ability to create and modify appointment statuses makes the system adaptable to a wide range of business requirements. It addresses the limitations of the four default statuses, offering enhanced suitability for various business scenarios.

By leveraging this add-on, businesses using Selebrands Booking can tailor their appointment management processes more precisely, ensuring that the system aligns with their specific operational needs and client interactions.