Customer Panel

Customer Panel

This guide explains the benefits of using the customer panel feature, which allows clients to manage and modify their appointments. It emphasizes the convenience and engagement it brings to customers by enabling them to create and update their profiles. The guide also highlights the specific functions of the customer panel, such as rescheduling, canceling appointments, and deleting accounts. Overall, this guide is a useful resource for anyone seeking to enhance their customers’ experience and engagement with their service.

1. The customer panel provides your clients with the ability to manage and modify their appointments. With the customer panel feature, customers have the convenience of creating and updating their own profiles, enhancing their experience and engagement with your service.

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Tip: The customer panel can be accessedhere

Alert: It’s important to remember that the customer panel is specifically designed not for booking appointments, but to empower your customers to manage their appointments and their account. This includes:

  • Enabling customers to reschedule their appointments as needed.
  • Allowing customers the option to cancel their appointments.
  • Providing customers with the capability to delete their accounts if they choose to do so.