SMS Notifications

SMS Notifications

This guide provides information on using SMS notifications to enhance customer communication and service quality. It covers various types of notifications, such as new appointment alerts, reschedule notifications, cancellation notifications, and more. The guide also explains how to personalize messages, gather feedback, and provides links to additional resources for configuring workflows and setting up reminders. Anyone looking to improve their customer communication and streamline their appointment management process should view this guide.

1. Selebrands Booking enables you to send SMS notifications to your customers, enhancing service quality and client communication.

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2. Types of SMS Notifications:

  • For Diverse Business Models:

    • Depending on your business structure, such as multiple staff members across different locations, SMS notifications can be sent to both clients and staff members.
  • Customizable for Various Scenarios:

    • The system’s flexibility allows for various types of SMS notifications tailored to specific business needs.

3. Specific SMS Notification Triggers:

  1. New Appointment Notifications:

    • Send automated SMS alerts when a new appointment is booked, keeping you informed about all new reservations.
  2. Reschedule Notifications:

    • Receive SMS alerts when an appointment is rescheduled, either through the client panel or staff admin panel, ensuring all parties are aware of changes.
  3. Cancellation or Status Change Notifications:

    • Get notified via SMS when a client changes the status of an appointment or cancels it. You can set up different notifications based on the appointment’s status changes.
  4. Pre-Appointment Reminders:

    • Set up reminders to be sent to customers a specified time before their appointment starts.
  5. Post-Appointment Follow-ups:

    • After an appointment, send SMS notifications for follow-ups or feedback, enhancing customer engagement and service quality.
  6. New Customer Creation Notifications:

    • Automatically notify when a new customer is created, especially useful if a new customer books for the first time and a random password is generated and sent.

Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success

4. Implementation and Customization:

  • Personalizing Messages:

    • Use filters and custom settings to personalize SMS content based on various factors like location, service type, or staff involved.
  • Feedback and Improvement:

    • Utilize post-appointment SMS notifications to gather feedback, which is crucial for business improvement.

Tip: For comprehensive information on configuring workflows for SMS notifications and other types of notifications, refer to the following guides:

  1. Workflow Settings Guide

    • This guide provides detailed instructions on how to set up and customize workflows in Selebrands Booking. It covers aspects such as triggering events, assigning actions, and integrating notifications within these workflows.
  2. Setting up Reminders Guide

    • This guide focuses specifically on how to establish reminders within the booking system. It includes steps on configuring reminder notifications, timing settings, and applying these to various appointment scenarios.