Group Appointments

Group Appointments

This guide provides information on how to effectively set up and manage group appointments using the Selebrands Booking platform. It highlights the importance of customizable participant limits and the benefits of offering group appointments for businesses. The guide also explains how to configure service settings for group appointments and utilize the “Bring People With You” option. Additionally, it mentions a helpful feature that displays the availability of each timeslot at a glance and explains how to integrate with Google Calendar for efficient management of attendance and capacity. Overall, this guide is a valuable resource for anyone looking to optimize their group appointment process.

1. Selebrands Booking simplifies the process of arranging Group Appointments, including setting participant limits.

  • Customizable Participant Limits: Depending on the service sector and business process, the number of participants in a single appointment can vary. This number might be limited to a few in some cases or could be significantly higher in others.

  • Importance of Setting Limits: Specifying the number of customers for group appointments is crucial for adjusting your office space and avoiding overcapacity. Clearly indicating limitations and associated fees in the appointment system is beneficial for both the business and customers.

2. Significance of Group Appointments for Businesses:

  • Cost-Effective and Efficient: Group appointments, also known as Group Visits or Witnessed Appointments, are structured to provide essential services more economically.

  • Business Advantages: Experts suggest that group appointments can enable business owners to see more clients and provide more services, potentially increasing practice revenue. These appointments can either replace or supplement traditional one-on-one appointments.

3. – Service Settings for Group Appointments: In the service settings, define whether the service offered will be for individual or group appointments. Set restrictions on the number of participants for group appointments in this section.

  • Maximum Customer Limit: Specify the maximum number of customers allowed per service appointment and start utilizing the group appointment feature.

  • Customer Options: Customers have the option to choose how many people they will bring when making an appointment. The number of additional people depends on the service capacity, allowing appointments for everyone in a single session.

Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success

4. ‘Bring People With You’ Option :

Customers have the flexibility to decide the number of people they wish to bring along when scheduling an appointment. Based on the capacity allowed for the service, they can include as many people as the service can accommodate, enabling them to book for everyone attending in just one session. This feature simplifies the process for customers planning to attend as a group.

Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success

5. Additionally, when the capacity of any timeslot is decreased by at least one, a badge will be displayed on that timeslot. This badge provides information about the total capacity of the timeslot and how much of that capacity is currently occupied. This feature helps in keeping track of the availability of each timeslot at a glance.

Turning Visions into Reality - Creating, Promoting Businesses for Entrepreneurial Success

Tip: Please be aware that when scheduling an event for a particular timeslot using Google Calendar, especially for services designated as group services, you have the option to add your customers as attendees directly within Google Calendar. It’s important to note that the number of customers added as attendees will be deducted from the overall capacity of the service. This integration helps in efficiently managing the attendance and capacity for each group service session.